Life is filled with beautiful moments and with each new day comes something to be thankful for. I have just embarked on a brand new adventure. I was married last month, and a new season of my life is beginning. I am so completely present in this moment in time and it is exquisite.

I have been reflecting on life and the changes it brings, and how we are shaped by those changes. Some of them come from decisions we have made, and others are unexpected twists in the plot of our lives. I am learning though, that sometimes the way things actually turn out is better for us than what we had planned in our own minds. Endings fade into new beginnings and the seasons of our life continue ever on.

When I began this blog, a little over a year ago, I did not imagine that I would still be seeking a job a year later. Neither did I imagine that I would have fallen in love with an incredible man and gotten married before I had my own classroom. The days of Miss T are now behind me, and it is exciting to think that I have so much ahead of me with my new identity as Mrs T, wife and teacher. My priorities have shifted a little, as I do not define myself simply as a teacher now but rather see teaching as but one aspect of who I am. I have so many exciting things to look forward to, both inside and outside of classrooms, and so this brings me to my little announcement. I have decided to finish off my blog here. With Miss T now in the past, so are her musings. I will however, be starting a new blog, and I hope that you feel inspired to follow along with Mrs T’s journey at: . I have learnt so much throughout my first year of teaching and have thoroughly enjoyed being privileged enough to express myself through this blog. I look forward to the new season ahead of me and though I do not know what it may bring, I am learning to embrace the journey.


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