How Are Those Resolutions?

I place a high value on setting resolutions, or goals, at the beginning of each new year. I feel that it is important for three reasons. Firstly, it is healthy to work on developing and improving yourself, rather than remaining stagnant. Secondly, there is a sense of achievement found in reflecting on your growth at the end of each year. Thirdly, setting official ‘resolutions’ keeps me accountable.

Two months into the new year and things are a little challenging as far as my work life goes. It’s challenging because not much is happening. I’ve come full circle, back to where I was this time last year, and from where I stand it looks as though I have another year of relief teaching before me. It has been difficult to grapple with the fact that I still haven’t found a school that has a place for me, and it has not helped that I haven’t had any days of work yet.

Earlier today I took another look at the resolutions that I had set for myself at the beginning of the year. Interestingly I had forgotten about one of them. Number two. It reads: focus on being content with what God’s blessed me with. And it hit me. How quickly we change our focus from being thankful to longing for what we do not yet have. I do not need a permanent job in order to ‘make it’ as a teacher. I am already a teacher. I am blessed to have such a rewarding and purposeful job. I am blessed that I do not have more serious things to worry about than whether or not I’ll be called in to work. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with so many beautiful students. And so, in this I am content.

Now, may I ask, how are those resolutions of yours?


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