The Highlights of 2016

I’ve noticed that there have been a lot of negative things being said about 2016 on social media. I know it may not have been a great year for everyone, but I think there are a lot of beautiful things that happened this year that we should be celebrating. That’s why I’m excited to take part in Daisy Designs’ Highlights of 2016 blog linkup, and begin the year celebrating some of the wonderful things that have taken place in my own life.


  1. I Got Engaged!!!

This is by far my number one highlight. While my teaching journey has had its ups and downs this year, my amazing fiancé has been my supporter and encourager.






  1. I Opened My Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

Now, back to my teaching life. I haven’t mentioned my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store much on my blog yet, but behind the scenes I have been creating and posting teaching resources non-stop for the second half of this year. I’m already seeing my work pay off and my little store has grown to have over 100 teaching products, over 250 loyal followers and has gotten over 240 positive reviews!



  1. I Started This Blog!

How can we forget? This blog only started at the beginning of 2016, and was a way for me to document my first year out of university. I’ve enjoyed having a way to keep track of the ups and downs of teaching and to share them with others so much that next year The Musings of Miss T will be continuing (although she won’t be Miss for much longer)!




  1. Relief Teaching!

Yes, it has been a highlight, a challenge, a struggle at times, but still a highlight. It has also been one of the biggest learning curves I’ve experienced in such a short amount of time. Looking back at the young woman who started relief teaching at the beginning of 2016 and looking at her now, it is evident that she has developed her teaching skills, knowledge, confidence and experience. How exciting to think that by the end of 2017 I will have developed these things even more!



  1. I Got To Know So Many New Kiddos!

While I haven’t had my own class of students to work with I have had the opportunity to work with dozens and dozens of students throughout the year. In fact, I’ve gotten to know many more students through relief teaching than I would ever have been able to if I did have my own class. There are so many precious young students that I’ve had the privilege of teaching and that is definitely something to be thankful for.


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