The Magic of Drawings

If you want to take a peek into the mind of a child, look at their drawings. Anyone who works with kids, or who has young children of their own, likely has a large stash of artwork carefully (or sometimes not so carefully) crafted on a daily basis by the little ones in their life. So many children love painting and drawing and making, and I think it’s a beautiful thing to encourage. As I spend a lot of my time in a girls’ school, this seems to be even more noticeable. As a relief teacher it is so encouraging when the students I’ve only just started to get to know hand me drawings throughout the day, and I appreciate the gesture immensely. I love admiring the creativity that is displayed in the different drawing styles of each student. You get a glimpse of their imagination, of what the world looks like to them. Smiling faces and disproportionate bodies, a world with lots of glitter and bright colours.

Sadly though, sometimes the world they know is not all smiling faces and bright colours. Sometimes it’s lonely and dark. Children are often comfortable with reflecting this view in their drawings too, whether intentionally or not. There is a lot more to children’s drawings than pencil marks and paint splotches. There’s an active little mind of thoughts, ideas, characters and stories behind it. So next time a child hands you a drawing, think of it as a window into their world, and thank them for sharing it with you. It is so precious to be able to have these keepsakes to help me to stay inspired and motivated in my profession. It’s certainly very true when they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


11 thoughts on “The Magic of Drawings

  1. My mom has been a clinical counselor for about 20 years. I can always remember her talking about how drawings are a window into a child’s life. I’ve analyzed so many pictures given to my by students during my student teaching. I love this post! It’s a constant reminder to continue to look for the good and the “not so good” when doing activities with my kiddos.

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  2. My son just started drawing a lot more. He’s going into first grade so I have him explain what’s happening in his picture (since I usually can’t tell by looking at it). From doing this, I’ve learned that there is a story behind every picture he draws. I’ve decided I’m going to do this when my students give me pictures they’ve drawn. I think hearing the story behind the picture will help me get to know them even better. Great post!

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  3. My eldest daughter of 4.5 years is loving her art at the moment and is making some truly fantastic (I am biased haha) drawings. They are so detailed! My younger daughter (2.5) on the other hand, is fascinated with circles, and this is all she seems to draw. Each to their own!

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